Python installation

Hello, I am a student and I just switched to zorin os from my Windows 10 (it is my first Linix distribution)

My school is telling me to install Python latest version i.e. python 3.10.1 and visual studio code, so they can teach us python

I figured out how to download Visual studio code (I downloaded .debian package from its official website then just double click it)

But I am not able to figure out how to download and install Python's latest version i.e. 3.10.1 (the zorin os comes by default with python but it is in older version but my school is telling me to download the latest version i.e. 3.10.1)
I found no instructions on python website regarding the the download for Linix
So anybody would tell me how to download Python 3.10.3 on my machine,please

sudo apt install python3 Zorin OS here is python 3.8.2 in Zorin last version.
Here some guide for python.
How To Install Python 3.10 on Ubuntu, Debian & Linux Mint – TecAdmin
Visual installation from here.


Oh sir ! This guid How To Install Python 3.10 on Ubuntu, Debian & Linux Mint – TecAdmin is a bit difficult, I can blindly follow it,

Will "sudo apt install python3" will get the job done???

yes it will install python.

Thanks @Bourne sir :pray: :blush:

A Warning is needed:

Installing the latest Python on Zorin OS Can Lead to Conflict with existing Python packages and some applications that specify the python Edition, rather than calling on python as general use.

O.P. may be better served by using a Distro that comes with Python 3.10.

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I wrote last version Zorin 16 have 3.8.2 version. That means never version package not comes. I am wright?

Yes, the system is setup to use the provided version. This is an area that really could stand improvement in Linux... Certain applications should call on python more generically than they currently do. But as it is now is as it is now.
Other users have posted on the forum having run into a great deal of trouble by trying to upgrade Python to a higher version.

Newest kernel update and Gnome 40 asking for newer python version. The user don't asked it is risk but he asked he want installing python what creating a chaos and after update can see only tty1 terminal. I wrote in my post the last version in Zorin is 3.8.2 i wondering this is clearly a newer version is not supported.

The O.P. said that their classes in school requires Python 3.10.
This is the only reason yet, I have seen mentioned on this forum, as to why a user needs to get Python 3.10.

Then he can remove newer version and re-install version to the 3.8.2 if he catch problems and then using recovery and repair packages.

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