Python3 or any python

So I tried to install Python using the suggestions in the board search .... using Synaptic .... terminal and Zorin Software but no were does the program show up for me to use ..... it showed on Synaptic it was installed and it shows in the terminal

mike@mike-ROG-Strix-G731GT-G731GT:/tmp$ python3 --version
Python 3.8.10

So what in the H am i doing wrong?????

Python is a scripting language that is used by software, it is not an application that you can open and run on its own. Installing it installs the language libraries.

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Oooooooh .... so it is not an app ... so how do I use it or get it to work ?????

Remembering your MS Windows days, you may recall needing to install the .net framework or DirectX.
You did not open and run these as applications - rather, they were used by other applications that required them as a dependency.

Using Python merely means using any application that requires it.
It is used by that app, not directly used by you.

By "get it to work", are you having difficulty with a specific application that depends on Python?

Aravisian is correct!

But I seriously caution you messing around with your Python libraries. Users who have messed around with that in the past, and installed another Python version, bricked their OS's. And I wouldn't be doing my do diligence, if I didn't admit, that I have made this mistake as well, and yes, I bricked my OS.

Hopefully, what you have done thus far, hasn't damaged your OS, and after a restart, everything is still fine as it was before. But you have been warned. Just do a forum search for installed Python, you will find other threads where people bricked their OS messing about their Python versions.

And you will most likely fine a previous post that I made in response to theirs, telling them, no no, don't be doing that. lol

Alright Frog, hippidy hoppody, jippidy jumpidy, happy frog, hops along the screen. :joy:


Not really but I want to try that dv1sual posted in the Tutorial & Guides section and he said the script was done in Python so me not being coding proficient I was looking for Pythan to past it into .... DUH .....

Not to worry I just did a Rescuezilla save yesterday .... so I'm covered .... but I will try to shut down and restart now ....

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It appears everything is OK all I did was upgrade my Python from 2.7.18 to 3.8.10

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emergency ambulance GIF

When your computer's sick, who you gonna call? Rescue Dogga.

What happened to RescueZilla? They were on break.

PS: Glad your system is ok, thank goodness!

You'll be fine since you installed what is offered by the repository without exceptions.
However, for those that try installing different versions of Python or a higher version of Python than the OS Supports - yes, they absolutely can run into trouble. Big trouble.

@Frog , you are currently at the highest version that Zorin OS 16 supports. It is fine.
But don't install 3.9 or 3.10 manually...

He posted a script, so all you need to do is execute that script.
He also posted a means to automate it using crontab.

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That's why I hate to do searches on the web to find solutions to problems because you never know the whole story behind the downloads it happened once with me when I tried to download Cinnamon from a website and totally FUBAR my OS and had to reinstall Zorin .... I'm sure you remember that little incident .... it took you hours and hours to figure out what i did wrong ....

I know there are folks on here that continually tell you to search the web or just "look it up" for solutions but that can be dangerous for folks like me that don't know what to do .... and that is why I ask a lot of questions on the board

I did a search on here about Python and found a reply that took me to a Ubuntu website with all kinds of commands and stuff I don't understand so I came back to the board and asked .... and I'm glad I did ..... you provided me with an answer on why I couldn't find Python as an app .... and I thank you ....

The tutorial that dv1sual did looked to me to be very through and complete but to me it is all Greek ... does the script go in a folder and pasted in the Downloads folder .... obvious the script needs to go somewhere .... lol

Anyway he said he will be back tomorrow to help me .... I just hope he knows what he is in for .... lol


I really agree with you on this. We even created a thread called "The Wall of Shame" due to this.
From Elitist attitudes to just downright Bad Guides, there is a lot to be wary of.
Windows releases are years apart.
But Linux releases can change within weeks sometimes - Linux moves at a much faster pace. So many should be wary of old guides more than anything else.
Searching the web is fine if you have done it a thousand times, know the pitfalls to watch out for and know the proper search terms. Which takes time and learning.
But for someone new to Linux, searching the web for answers can be a real nightmare.

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Ohhhhh yes, I remember your posts quite well. But remember, we've all bricked our OS's, that's cause we're human, we make mistakes.

It's how we learn, adapt, and improve. And we appreciate having you on the board, your a great poster. Your frogtastic :frog: You see what I did there? Hehe

You earned yourself an achievement star from me. :star2:

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Indeed here I am :slight_smile: Let me know what's the best way to help you out!

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OK I'm here on your post about Automatic Files Organisation .... hummmmm sorry I see that it is for Intermediate Users .... don't thing I qualify for that category .... maybe I should keep doing what I am doing themes and other miner stuff untl I get more versed in Linux operations ... but thank you for your kind offer .....

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