Qlc+ app "the following packages have unmet dependencies"

I'm struggling to install an app that I need to work. It doesn't has a proper version for zorin, so I'm not sure if it's other linux versions can somehow work on my computer.
The version I installed says "the following packages have unmet dependencies". Is it possible to add maybe some "side apps" that could help me to run the software?

This is the software that I need: Download | QLC+ by Massimo Callegari

I have veeeery low knowledge in technology. If you can help using easy language, that would be awesome.

Thank you very much for your attention :blush:

Did you choose the Ubuntu 22.04 package?

I also tried this one now and didn't work

It's properly packaged wrong by the developers. Try

sudo dpkg -i path/package.deb

where path is where the package is and post the output.