QNAP NAS: QNAP Qfinder Pro .deb-installer doesn't work

Hello lovely people,

I own a QNAP TS-431P NAS and ran into some issues (I can't LAN access it anymore - it propably ran out of space, during my latest backup of the home-folder I ran with Déjà Dup). Now I thought, maybe QFinder would come in handy in this situation. So I downloaded the latest version from QNAP's Download Center. But sadly, the installer won't work. What can I do? Thanks for your thoughts.

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In the terminal, change directory into the location that has the deb file. Then type:

dpkg -i [name-of-package].deb

You can complete the name of the file by hitting tab after you begin typing is name (once you get beyond any similar file names [part vs partition you would have to type to the i to auto complete it with tab] ).

If dpkg isn't installed, use the apt install command your system recommends in the error.

Thank you for the reply. DPKG is installed.

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sudo dpkg -i [name-of-package].deb


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which translates to:

(...) The version of your operating system is not supported. Minimum requirements: 18.04.

I wonder if the package you are using is not the same package as contained in the repositories for Focal Fossa.
It is looking for a Bionic Beaver system.

Would this installation guide help?

My mind is blown... that page was working the day I posted it.
I just tried getting another link I had noted on the day I ran that search for qsync and it, too... is failing to load now.

This site can’t be reachedqnapclub.eu took too long to respond.

Checking the connection
Checking the proxy and the firewall


Ever looked into Syncthing?

Not yet. Will do!

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