Query for Zorin lite 16.3

I ma using zorin lite 16.3 in virtual box for my pc and laptop. I have following queries

  1. I had installed google chrome. Now i am using other browser and uninstalled chrome. now i am unable to remove shortcut icon of google chrome(which is just showing white icon) from taskbar. what to do now?
  2. I am unable to set my screen size/resolution with respect to my 15.6 inch laptop screen. i have tried to set scree size by going to setting then display but none of them worked for my laptop. please help

How did you install Google Chrome?
If the icon is pinned to the panel (taskbar), please right click the icon and select unpin from the context menu. Once done, see if right click > remove will rid you of the pesky icon.

If the icon is a launcher that you added, right click the panel then click the Panel option by selecting the right arrow icon next to the word Panel. Next, select Preferences. Move to the items tab and remove the Google Chrome Launcher as it is listed in the Items Tab.

Do you have VirtualBox Guest Addition installed?
When you say it is "not working", do you mean that the desired resolutions are not listed in the drop down list?
Or that they are listed but selecting them does not change the resolution?

  1. Query has been solved by exploring right click than go to properties
    2.All i did is just simply download oracle vmbox from official website. and resolution is changing but i have to scroll up down to view top or bottom of my screen

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