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Well I am now here on Zorin 16 Pro running Cinnamon Desktop .... Thanks to Aravisian for his knowledge and patience and the following terminal commands .....

sudo apt remove --purge mintsources

sudo apt install cinnamon cinnamon-core

I have spent the morning customizing the desktop to my liking and although partly finished I have a ways to go .... I have however run into one small snag ...... how to enlarge the mouse pointer ...... I tried all the usual settings with no luck so I tried the on-line Mint DDG search .... the suggestion didn't work so I figured I better ask here ....

Anyone know how to make the mouse pointer larger in Cinnamon desktop ....

Frog, I believe you mean the mouse cursor?
Since I'm on Gnome I don't know if this will work for Cinnamon.
But the Settings should be the same so....

you could try;
Settings - Accessiblity - Cursor Size.
There are 5 options to choose from. They look like this;

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I use Cinnamon, it's in settings, mouse and keyboard.


Small correction: Preferences > mouse and keyboard


Yes that's the one I'm used to but sadly it is different and I like that one a whole lot more .... thanks for your reply

The only settings I found for mouse was under System Settings / Accessibilty / Mouse .... but no way to enlarge the cursor .... but thanks for your reply

That is where I found what I needed .... thanks .... strange they would have the mouse controls in 2 different places .... but at least I can see the cursor now ... lol

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