Question about disabling bitlocker with TPM 2.0/volumes

I have an Asus Vivobook S533 with Windows 10. I'm installing Zorin OS 16.3 Pro of which they sent a link to my email address. I just got access to my microsoft account and got my bitlocker key. I read with a TMP of 2.0, additional forms of authentication can be used (this from microsoft windows website) needing more than just disabling the bitlocker key. It said one may need to disable bitlocker for all four volumes. I don't know what a volume is but I do want to disable anything that would stop a clean install or at least any hangups. I just got done installing Zorin on my old PC so easy does it on this one. At first, the least painful way to install will be the way I go and then put it on my hard drive permanently and take windows off altogether.

"Volumes" is what Microsoft calls "Partitions."
You will need to scroll down to #6:

Additional forms of authentication can include a secret question or Fingerprint reader or PIN. If you had set any of these up, you should know of it.

That helps a lot. I've got the windows site bookmarked so I can go through the steps to disable anything further. I didn't set anything up, just trying to remove any barriers to installation. I see all of the problems with installation so I'm trying to do whatever I can to avoid anything coming up. When I installed the copy on my old computer and was reminded of how much better it used to be before windows/google/chrome got to be such an authoritarian, I had to get a copy of Zorin on my new computer. I'm just so thankful for the developers who worked so hard to make this possible, with all of the apps and everything!

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