Question about disk space

Question: Why do in file manager, I only see 90.6 free space when in both disks and stacer, they show different? Like in disks showing 103gb free while in stacer, it is almost 96 gb?

I wonder where the space are in, now I wonder more where I will look from since I need now to be aware of my disk space having just 120 gb SSD. Thanks in advance!

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Some applications may look at Total Space, whereas the File Manager accounts for the amount of predicted space needed for /tmp files and cache and the like.

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I see. So, I guess checking it with Disks will be more efficient than just in file manager. thanks.

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I don’t know if this may help explain some of that: 1. File sizes through terminal vs Nautilus. 2. Nautilus size display - #5 by zorink

Konnichiwa Rui! :grin:

I know what your saying to yourself, "Why arn't these storage space estimations as competent and amazing as me?" :upside_down_face:

Linux is crazy what can I say?

The others are right though, DISKS shows you your actual space that is left after system reserve. Nautilus shows you the space you have left after that, as well as after all those little kawaii cashies and tempies rolling around there to make your computer navigation faster. :cat2:

And yes, Stacer does things its own way too, but its so good at doing it, I just love it. HEHE :grin:

At the end of the day, if you have the thought in your amazing head, that you don't have enough storage space and you want more, thats when you go get yourself a larger SSD drive. Then you will have increased storage, and then you can be happy! :blush:

Hey Rui, one of these nights when the skies are clear, have a look up, you might see a shooting star. :stars: hehe

I need to cry blood for this one. Larger SSD is worth 100 dollar and that amount is so important for us who lives in third world. Its the usual salary of most people here. Next is 156 dollar. I'd rather go back to my HDD than buying new SSD.


Tech so expensive now it's crazy. And even if you can afford the expensive tech, good luck getting it. I'm in a first world country, or so we tell ourselves that, and FedEx has become a 3rd world delivery service, it's truly terrible.

I have a Christmas gift I still have not received, it's been back delayed since before Christmas! 2022 is starting to feel bleek already.

But if you cry, I'll have to give you a hug, then you will stain my shirt with your eye blood, not a good look for me. Lol I'm here for you always though. And believe me, I understand your pain.

There are things I want that even I can't afford. Inflation and shortages are destroying us. That's my opinion anyways.

:hugs: For Rui.

Sorry, again checking if your question was answered. It helps future readers and avoids the General threads looking like chats.

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