Question about icons in the "Right box" on the taskbar

Hi, everyone. A quick question, please. See below screenshot. Can someone kindly tell me all of the icons that conceivably could show up in the right box on the Zorin taskbar? So far, I've seen the removable drive icon and a camera icon for when my webcam is being used. What other icons are there in this area of the taskbar?

Currently, I have it disabled because I don't need to be seeing the removable drive icon all the time, nor do I want to see the camera icon when it comes up. I'm debating whether or not to leave it disabled because I don't know what else could come up in the right box. What are all of the icons that could show? Don't want to miss out on anything that could actually be useful. Thanks.

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It shows the button to unmount or open connected USB devices and icons that some software can display there (for example Telegram and Discord).

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Thanks for replying. I was hoping for a comprehensive list or whatever that outlines all the potential icons that could be seen in the area mentioned. But if it's just strictly for software and a few select hardware functions, okay. Still, be nice to have a more complete picture. Thanks again.

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The Right Box also displays icons for minimized applications, as well as the current keyboard layout.