Question about next update!

Hello!I read a news this morning and it says that Zorin OS will be updated to Ubuntu 24.04? Is this true?

Link:Fresh version of Windows user-friendly Zorin OS is out • The Register

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Here is what I understood from the blog:

  • Zorin 17 is based on Ubuntu 22.04.

  • Ubuntu 22.04 is very nearly two-year-old release.

  • Ubuntu 22.04 is going to be replaced by Ubuntu 24.04 in the main Ubuntu os.

I don't think Zorin 17's base will change to 24.04, so my conclusion is Zorin 17 base will be stay Ubuntu 22.04


That didn't take long :smiley: Although to be fair the article doesn't actually mention anything about ZorinOS being updated, not sure why the association was made.


The Article is a little bit missunderstanding. The Article say that Zorin is based on Ubuntu 22. But Ubuntu 22 will get soon a newer Version: Ubuntu 24. That is all. The Way how the Text is built can suggest that Zorin will get this too. But that is not the Case. It is not so good formulated. I think that is the Reason why there stands ''However, it's based ...''.


You misread that a bit.
They meant that Ubuntu 22.04 LTS is being replaced by 24.04 LTS. NOT That Zorin would adopt a new LTS.

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While Zorin's base will remain Ubuntu 22, as we have seen in the past, updates will upgrade kernel, library and software versions well beyond that, even surpassing the Ubuntu base upgrade versions.

Ubuntu 22 starts with kernel 6.2... so was Zorin. But in Zorin 17.1, it's at 6.5, and climbing.

The Zorin's are not in the habit of maintaining pace with Ubuntu. They are in the habit of providing a stable, reliable OS with as many bug fixes (even ones Ubuntu never implements) as they can provide to ensure a stable and reliable experience.

Aside from using Ubuntu as the base, Zorin is completely different and separate, with more customization for efficiency, as well as aesthetics, then Ubuntu ever will put into their OS.