Question about shut down screen

Hi all,

Last week i noticed my laptop took alot of time to shut down, i thought it was frozen so i pressed the power off button to shut down. Today i had the same issue, this time i pressed some F1 to F5 buttons and a message popped up.

The countdown at the end did shutdown my system...but what is causing this ? As i dont even own a printer

If you boot again and shut-down again, is it repeatable?
I have seen screen text like this during shutdown on rare occassions, but not repeated next time.

No, i had this screen 1 - 1,5 week ago. Today again, when starting linux and do a shut down it takes seconds instead of 1,5 minute

I found this, but again i don't even own a printer.

As you do not have a Printer and not using CUPS, did you try the fix suggested in that link you posted?

I assume by that you mean:
Today again, when starting linux and do a shut down it takes 1,5 minute instead of seconds it should normally take to shut down.

You asked if it happend again after that message, the answer is "no" and it took seconds to turn off instead of 1,5 i wrote it right ;).

So shutdown is quicker than it should be, not hanging waiting for cups stop job as others were complaining accoring to that link:

"At almost each shutdown of my Linux Mint 18.2 Cinnamon 64-bit, I must wait ages at:

a stop job is running for make remote cups printers available locally

sigh ... when i got the screen i had to wait 1,5 minute.
When i rebooted and did not get that screen it took 2-5 seconds.

Did you try the fix from the first link you posted?

No because i don't know how to save it. In dos or mac format ?

Trying to trace what is using it:

This part is using it, not sure what it is:

I think i managed to get it done.

  1. In terminal write, sudo -i (root access)
  2. In terminal write, gedit cups-browsed.service
  3. Add TimeoutStopSec=5 under [Services]
  4. Save the file
  5. In terminal write, sudo systemctl daemon-reload
  6. Done, now i hope it is fixed

Pictures for people to understand it better

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Yes. That was the second part of the two command sequence listed in that link.
Glad it worked for you.

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