Question about system fans

So I am using a dell vostro 3491 laptop and noticed my cpu temperature ranges in 60-70C range Initially i suspected that my fans arent working , but on checking i found out they do kick in for short periods when my laptop is in 90-100 range.
Is this fine or would it be better for my fans to be turned on a low rpm to continuously dissipate heat and if yes, then is there a way to configure my fan to do so
Additional info;
zorin core 16.2
I live in a tropical country with summer temperatures 37C-42C
I used psensor for temp and rpm measurement

I have two Dell's and the fans only come on for short periods of time, they do not constantly run.. My one Dell is about 5 years old and still runs perfectly fine.

There is no need to have your fan run constantly, if it does there is a problem.

I lived in Florida with zero issues so our temperatures were high as well.


That was the first thing i noticed with linux as well, my fans don't go crazy like it does in Windows. My laptop (Acer Predator G9-793) runs great and the fan only kicks in when the system gets hotter. So far my temps are pretty stable and i really don't hear my fans going loud (ahum like ms updates and such).

When i startup a game the fans go louder, don't worry about it.

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Did a quick search saw a few people complaining about vostro temps,, try dell-bios-fan-control from the zorin software store and see if that help with controlling the fan speeds and temps

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Do i do this after installing?
sudo snap connect dell-bios-fan-control:io-ports-control

Yes, I believe that is necessary for setup

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