Question about Zorin

I have question if i tried creating Linux From Scratch with Zorin distribution if I somewhere will stuck someone could help me?

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Gday @Bourne ,
Yes 100% we will TRY to help when possible,
It seems a BIG task but, Can be satisfying we finished. :smile:
I have seem LOTS of youtube videos that maybe a great starting place,, To see how others approach the build.
Try youtube search:

build linux distro from scratch

First time i finished sucessfull but no network. It mostly taken 2 days. Chapter 8 is longest. I will do that in vm first to not damage primary host. Them will go forward with btlfrs. Propably guide on channel YouTube kernotex. Today i translated guide LFS to my language and wrote on notepadqq.

Excellent, Your No beginner!!!
I've only watched video's on the process :smile:

Very good, or maybe build on separate drive?

Yes would make life easier for you.
DONT forget to translate back to english :rofl:
^^^^^^^^ joking :smile: ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

I bought ssd hard disk.
I seeing a speed about my pc and another with 15core and 16gb and my 6 core 10gb also nvme ssd and ssd. The diffrents are minimal. Why? Because internet isn't faster from fiber?

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Today is new version 11.3
Then propably the version 11.2 isn't compatible with instruction with version 11.3
That means i need start all new from version 11.3?

Och. I understable build that on another hard disk it can be started from another hard disk without problem. That you means. In virtual machine we can choose and then after all finished we can tested. Correct?

Here is tutorial to Chapter 9

This is ok with Chapter 4 because this is old 11.2 from chapter 5 they are diffrents i checked. I hope i figure that. :slight_smile:

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