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I used flatpac to install minecraft bedrock launcher. Has been running fine! At the time software store did not list minecraft. Now, I see minecraft in the software store as available for install. The store does not know minecraft is installed. How do I fix this?

FLATPAK's are completely separate from standard packages. This will explain why it doesn't show your FLATPAK. Its not a big deal, I am sure Synaptic Package Manager will show it if you had that installed and looked it up in a search.


Started to say does not show up in synaptic packages.. I guess It want hurt to install it again using the store?

The Gnome-software store will still defer to Flatpak or Snap when it feels like it.
Fortunately, the ZorinGroup added an extension to the Gnome-software application that lists the source of the package you are viewing on the titlebar button labeled source.

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