[Question] How do I theme the new nightly version of Nautilus?

I installed it via flatpak from the nightly repo. However, it does not seem to find my icons or desktop theme.

Any ideas on how I can get it to look like the window on the right?

Right after posting this, I saw that it is now themed via GTK4+libadwaita

What does this mean and can it be themed on ZorinOS 16.2?

Also, I am using WhiteSur which is a GTK3 and 4 theme.

If the theme is a GTK4 Theme, it should operate on a flatpak if you are using Flatseal to permit Flatpak permissions to read the system theme you are using.
Have you installed Flatseal?

Have you installed Flatseal?

Yup. Already had it installed and my theme is GTK4 compliant.

In that case, the LibAdwaita factor may be the only blockage toward reaching your goal. LibAdwaita is quite new and uhhh... very controversial. I know of no workarounds off-hand.
That being said, Zorin OS 16 does not use or come with LibAdwaita. So this is a statement based on that the app is themed for use with LibAdwaita.

You can find the instructions for libadwaita and flatpak apps on the theme creator's github page.


I am aware, but that did not work, initially. Still shows missing icons.

Yes, part of the issue here is: Nautilus.

Any other app might carry fewer dependencies, but Nautilus manages the desktop in Gnome.

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