Question on 16 beta

I have 15.3 now and like, biggest issue is no sound which is not acceptable. I wanted to try something so made a boot usb for both zorin 16 and mint 20. When I boot from usb both of those have audio that work. Question is if zorin 16 has audio on live usb, does that mean it will have if install? Didn't want to re-install again if would still not work.

I would assume so. Sounds like something's happened to your 15.3 install, rather than a hardware issue.

You can either reinstall 15.3 and see whether the sound starts working again or we can help diagnose the issue with you?

Well, I searched high and low. It is a Lenovo C940 and seems was bios related for Ubuntu 18 so a lot have same issue as me. That is why I wanted to try the 16 beta since was based upon 20.04 to see if something may have changed in the kernal that fixed. Lenovo made some unsupported bios updates, but still use windows as well do stayed with official.

Yoga C930 audio on Linux-English Community (


We're looking into whether if and how we could release this officially but it's looking really tricky. The problem is with the changes implemented they will impact Windows - both audio performance and power consumption. Understandably the firmware team can't do that (and the reality is they have limited resources to spend on this as it's not an officially Linux supported platform - we've been really lucky that the firmware team have been happy to dig into this at all)."

Worth a read and trying this:

pulseaudio -k && sudo alsa force-reload