Question regarding file manager and pictures

Hi all,

Today i noticed that nautilus and nemo are not showing tumbnails correctly from pictures. How can i fix this ?

Nemo: Pressing F5 does not seem to work


Pressing F5 seems to work in Nautilus

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In Nemo, open edit > preferences > preview

Previewable Files - show thumbnails - Only for files smaller than: Set this value higher, like 10 mb's.

In Nautilus, click the hamburger icon > Preferences > Search and Preview
Middle section Thumbnails > Only for Files smaller than: Same as above.

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It says this in nautilus, so i should change it to all files or increase MB ?

In nemo it says this:

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Whether you want a thumbnail preview for "all files" is your preference. The other option is to only show thumbnails for files on your computer. "All files" will also include USB sticks, Megasync, Pcloud, external drives...

Increasing the size usually allows previews to be made for more files since raising that no longer excludes larger image files that could be previewed.
So, Yes - increase the mb's.

Your Nemo says 1mb - I have mine set to 5 mb's.

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Alright thanks for the solution, will try to increase mb's :smiley:

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Yes, I always raze those preview limits whenever I finish setting up an OS, thats usually one of the last things I do. The reason its defaulted to a very low number, is because some people have slow computers. And a high number could cause serious system slow downs.

But if you got a fast computer, I say crank it all the way up to max. Much like when I have headaches, and I go to the store pharmacy and I ask for the maximum strength. I say, find out what will kill me, and just back it off a little bit.


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