[Question] What Distro is closest to ZorinOS' feature set, but on the latest kernel, Gnome and Debian/Ubuntu version?

From theming, to appearance controls, to desktop layouts and more.

What Distro has the same features (or as close to similar as possible) as ZorinOS, but is running on the latest Kernel, Gnome version 43+, and Ubuntu 22.04/Debian 11 or later?

For the record, I am happy wih Zorin, but want to tinker a bit and play around with other distros that have the latest features missing from Gnome 3.38 and Ubuntu 20.04. I installed the latest Kernel, but anything else would ruin the system. Rather just do my testing on another distro until ZorinOS 17 comes out late this year.


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For the record, this is how I like my Desktop environment to look/feel. ZorinOS, so far, has been the best at emulating macOS Ventura. KDE does it like poop.


If it existed, Zorin OS would have been eliminated. If it were possible, it would have been implemented by Zorin OS.

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The upcoming release of ZorinOS coming up in a couple of months will likely have those things you are asking for.

In the meantime you can try Vanilla OS. This isn't exactly the typical workflow as it's designed to be immutable, which is an interesting concept but not one that may suit your needs. Read their FAQ to read more about how it's different and what it has to offer.

Another option you can go for is Debian testing or Debian unstable, although to be honest I'm not entirely sure if these have the latest versions of kernel and/or desktop environment. If I remember correctly, Ubuntu uses Debian testing as it's own base so you wouldn't be too far off.
Note that Debian at it's core, and by extension many of the derivatives, is meant for stability which means delaying using the latest and greatest versions of software available until they have been proven stable enough to be used daily. So to achieve what you are asking is going to mean using one of these 'testing' or 'unstable' versions.

If you are fine without using something based on Ubuntu or Debian, you can give Fedora or OpenSUSE a try.

The question is ok if you asking about cosmetics and themes things.
I know the Zorin is working on some version Gnome 43 propably and it isn't fit for never version Gnome44
That means if Zorin want go forward with Gnone44 then must redesign all desktop and GUI.
The better question is where I can using DE Zorin in another versions linux with newer version linux with kernel 6.4 example

5 minutes of work can get Ubuntu to look like this, which is close but not quite there.

I appreciate the help, but I must ask for something that is not a variation of the following answers:

  • Wait for ZorinOS 17
  • Build it yourself
  • Have you tried Manjaro/Arch?

Some of you MAY have a bit more experience than I do in trying out distros. I am simply looking for the answer to the original question--

What Distro is closest to ZorinOS’ feature set, but on the latest kernel, Gnome and Debian/Ubuntu version?


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It takes some care to remember to separate the answers that are accurate from the answers that we want to hear.

Distros based on another must be modified and developed. It is for this reason that they are released later than the original base was.
Your question narrows down your search to the Latest Release; which must be a Rolling Release in order to fit your requirements; but also moves it away from Zorins Feature Set.
There are fewer Rolling Releases and with more limited options, less chances of finding a distro similar to Zorin OS, which takes time to develop its features.

Which brings you back to:


I put many tutorial here DIY how to create Zorin with your preferences.

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You have 255 created topics. Care to link me to these DIYs?

Here you have got some tips.
I put also somewhere here a short youtube video how build on debian.
Here you have some another tutorial

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You might try Fedora 38. Now they they added flatpak, it's pretty user friendly. By adding Blur My Shell and Dash to Dock, it even looks good. Layout is like Mac with top bar and sliding dock.


You might try Nobara, it's fedora based and comes with 6 desktop layouts.

Quick note/Reminder:

As stated above: I'm looking for a Debian-based OS (i.e. using apt), not a new distro like gentoo, fedora, etc


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Even Debian Unstable still does not fully support Gnome 44, so I'd be very surprised if you found one distributions that meets your requirements.

I guess you can go with Debian Experimental since you mention that you are doing this for testing purposes?

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Newest software have Fedora what i know.
Maybe that brazilian 23.04 version is better BR OS 23.04.A very interesting Brazilian Linux. - YouTube
but also if he seraching something near with desktops near Zorin it could be Makulu.

How did you customise yours to look like this...

I'm new to linux and zorin is my first distro.
Been using this for 2 months now and I'm getting used to the terminal commands little by little;)

Posted with more details here:


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this is one of the videos that may help u full guide to transform zorin os to macos - YouTube

I am trying out BR OS 23.04 in a virtual machine. It is a very nice OS with a huge selection of apps in the discover area (software store).

Thanks for sharing that.

You Welcome.
I always sayed if i can something tasted and trying then why not?
If will be better and stable to your preferences.
Feel free to writing some experiences.