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With Zorin OS pro 16.3 I want to install Zoom. I see instructions on installing from 2020 but I didn't find specific details I find on the Zoom install Deb website page such as doing this: "Zoom's rpm packages are signed with a GPG key. Please run "rpm --import" to import the key in case package management utility asks for a missing public key."

I did run this line: rpm --import and it said it could not be found but it can be installed with "sudo apt install rpm" which I did.

Now I'm being asked if I want to continue to add these new packages.

I thought I better stop and check in to see if I'm on the right path.

And I'm to choose the version that's offered that I'm downloading and download a key? (I'm getting flashbacks from windows bitlocker days) "For version 5.12.6 or above download this key."

After downloading this key where does it go and what should I do with it?

rpm is not For Ubuntu or Ubuntu based Distros.
rpm is developed by RedHat originally for use on Fedora.

These instructions work:

So I downloaded Ubuntu for Zoom, it installed a file "zoom_amd64.deb" to my downloads. When I right click my choices are "Install Linux Application" or the blue "Software Install" down pointing arrow? I don't see the pages shown on the instructions I went to from 2021.

Have you checked the Software Center?

That's where I installed from - used it for a good while for my classes last year..

I would even suggest - when you get to Zoom in the Software Center, the top right should have a drop-down menu to select different versions; snap, flatpak, Zorin package. Grab the flatpak version, latest and stable - there will be some options for beta packages, just make sure to get the stable branch and you should be good to go..

Even got updates when all the Win users got updates, worked well!

Just a suggestion - most all things app related should be installed through the software center but, not always there! Zoom should definitely be in the list though..

Just double click a .deb file to run the installer.

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I did get it from the Software Center. The audio was a little wonky when I tested it but I saw someone else had an issue previously, about 2 years ago, and I bookmarked his resolution so if I have additional problems I'll check into it.

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The real solution is to use Jitsi! :sunglasses:

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