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I like to reinstall my OS often, it's sort of my idea of an antivirus. So if I got Zorin OS pro would I be able to download the ISO multiple times? Like does it work with an account or something? And is the pro version still free software? Like do I get access to the code when I buy it or how does it work?

Yes, you can keep the download link sent to your email.
You can also just keep the .iso copy on a drive, too.

Pro includes all FOSS software. No Proprietary.
You have access to all the code and included bundles.

If you add proprietary, like Nvidia drivers- that is on you.


So there's no limit to downloading the iso file? (other than ddos protection)

You can redownload as much as you need for your personal use.


Alright, thank you!

To save time downloading, suggest you save a copy of the ISO to a backup drive or even a USB stick. Always verify the SHA256 checksum of the ISO whenever you download it.

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Just keep the email you will Get from Zorin. It will contain a support code, and a link to download the copy. Download as many times as you need, just keep the email and its link.

When you want download again you get new link to download. Thinking if share one link with no limitation that propably not support developers. When you want download again you using your e-mail and user id when you bought your version Zorin 16 Pro. If I am wrong - correct me. @Aravisian gived correct answers. Your e-mail is your billing.

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