Questions from a newbie

Hey, I recently installed Zorin OS 16 core to see if I could use linux(just as an experiment) and I have a few questions:

  1. Does a universal clipboard exist(mimicking Win+V in windows) or is it 3rd party only?
  2. The text on my screen seems a bit too sharp for my liking, is there any way to change that. I couldn't find it in tweaks

Anyways the RAM and CPU usage is amazing, everything opens quickly, I really like this overall. Thanks for the help!


In Gnome (Core) you need to install a Gnome-Extension to have a clipboard, in XFCE (Lite) clipman is the default clipboard.


CTRL-C to copy
CTRL-V to Paste

Thats the only way I use the clipboard in Linux, and it was the only way I used the clipboard in Windows too.

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I think OP is talking about a clipboard manager like in Windows 10 and 11.

It is actually very useful and I use it on Linux as well!


Oh wow, I learn something new everyday. I never did use anything like that before, that cool. I can see how that would allow somebody to become more efficient.

Here you go, clipboard manager for you!


Universally, ctrl+c to copy and ctrl+v to paste.

There is a caveat: The terminal requires ctrl+shift+c and ctrl+shift+v because the controls ctrl+c /v are already hardcoded for another puprose in Xterm - the basis of all terminal emulators.

As far as Clipboard manager- the posts above have addressed. :slight_smile:

This may be due to scaling, resolution or which theme you are using. Could you clarify the question (Or provide a screenshot) to detail what you mean by "too sharp"?


In tweaks, you can go to Fonts->Antialiasing->Make your choice from Subpixel (For modern computers), Standard (for a bit old computers), or none. If it does not resolve the issue, try changing your screens resolution from Settings->Displays->Resolution and try lowering your resolution and click 'Keep Changes' button if the resolution is fine for you :wink:


I'm not sure I understood the problem correctly, but have you checked the default key binding for copying to clipboard?

The default printscreen key in Zorin 16 doesn't go to clipboard. If I remember right, just pressing that key automatically creates a file in a folder (I don't remember which), stoping you from CTRL+V it to some program.

If that's the issue you are having, you must assign different key binding. Go to Settings and look for keys. I'm not using Zorin right now, so I can't help more, maybe later.

Strange, on Zorin OS 16 PRO, which is basically CORE, if I hit the PRINT SCREEN key, it takes a screenshot. On POP OS 21.04, hitting that same key also takes a screenshot.

The last time that key didn't actually do that for me was way back in Zorin OS 12, and I had to install Gnome Screenshot in order to take a screenshot, but that was ages ago!

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