Quick message below logo at startup?

OK, after 11 months curiosity has gotten the better of me, so let’s see if anyone can solve this mystery. When starting my laptop a Dell logo appears, followed by the Zorin logotype. But just before advancing to the password screen, a small message flashes below the logotype, but so briefly it’s unreadable. Even tried to capture it with my iPhone cam but the pic came out blurred. All I can catch is “Press Ctrl…” something or other. Must not be terribly important if speed trumps readability, but can anyone tell me what it says in full?

I’ve seen a disk/file integrity scan message before, so it may be that.

I’d prefer to see the full text. Surely the Zorin developers could tell us what they wrote there. Doesn’t anyone in Dublin monitor this forum?

Does it not store the messages in the logs anywhere?

Or run the following to see messages


See here for an example of where the logs might reside.

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Ha ha. I had cleaned the logs with Stacer just moments before seeing your reply. (No instance containing “Press Ctrl+C…” appeared in dmesg output.)

I managed to take a video when that message quickly appears. It is in German on my system, so I‘ll try to translate but the actual wording in English may well be different.

The message say: Press Ctrl-C to stop the file system check that is currently running and on the second line Checking 1 drive (0.0% completed)


Thank you! That’s perfectly sufficient for my needs. (Why didn’t I think of video??)