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Really enjoying Zorin OS so far. I have a quick question regarding the backup functionality. If I choose to require a password for restore access when setting up a backup, are those backup files encrypted at that point and safe to upload to a cloud service provider? I want to make sure my data is protected and just need to know if choosing to require a password for a backup restore is sufficient, or if I should take another step after the backup is complete by placing it in an encrypted archive or using something like Crytomator.

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Hi Shema, if you're talking about the default backup (Déjà Dup), yes, the password is used to encrypt the backup and you should be able to safely upload it to a cloud service provider.

Reference: Apps/DejaDup/Details - GNOME Wiki!

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There are no cloud services that support Ext4 anymore, or rather GNU/Linux. You are better backing up to an external device. I avoid encryption altogether. In my early days of GNU/Linux while installing SuSE Linux 9.3 Professional when the option to encrypt the file system there was a stark warning that there could be a loss of data and because of that experience I never ever use encryption. When I worked my Manager wanted her secretary's machine to have data encryption. This was Windows XP. 3 days later the machine crashed and the data had gone but fortunately there was a backup. You have been warned!
Having read about supported cloud services only Google drive and Microsoft's one drive would you really trust backups with them? Let's be honest Google and M$ are effectively spyware. I would always prefer local storage for backups rather than any cloud service. I only use the cloud to share items that are generally not personal.


Hi Bruno, that's exactly what I'm referring to. Thank you. Do the backups generated from this tool have a history of failing when passwords are used as swarf mentioned?

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YMMV. I'd suggest you search around the internet.

I've only had to restore files from such backups a couple of times and had no problems whatsoever.

For context, anything "critical" I've got uploaded/synchronized in my own managed and end-to-end encrypted Nextcloud instance, with a manual copy every few months to Proton Drive.

I have Déjà Dup backing up my local files to an external drive (on another machine running Zorin too), on my local network (and still encrypted), just in case I need something "faster" to get my computer setup.

I hope that helps!

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