Quiet computing

Don't a lot of business's use those All In One machines like all the modern Apple IMAC's? I've also seen some businesses use those little NOOKS. It just looks like a little box, which actually houses the whole computer.

You'd be amazed how small they can get computers now its crazy. But I do see your point. Could you imagine your local library where they like things to be quiet as a mouse, or the dreaded librarian shushes you, fire up a 1980's IBM computer?

She be like, turn that thing off. What Ms librarian, I thought I would get a jump on my stock quotations this morning. All to hear a librarian say, USE A LAPTOP!


That reminds me...
I just love this green monster :wink:

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I own 2 of those Intel ComputeStick which plugs in HDMI port of monitors. It is about the half the size of RaspberryPi.

Intel ComputeStick are pretty slow, Im never gonna use that for office use case. Im more impressed on how were getting more power efficient chips into smaller and smaller form factor and still very powerful, very impressed on the performance of Apple's M1 SOC.

I know it.
Actually I got them to be a replacement for RaspberryPi.
I was bit tired of micro SD periodically go bad in RasPi.

One of the sticks is used as Pihole (network wide ad-blocker) and the other one is used as OpenMediaVault server (home made NAS).

I find Pi-hole very weak at blocking ads especially on Yt and other websites. I use UBlock Origin Extension on my browser. And on mobile I think I have like a DNS thing setup and I also have a custom app for YT which doesn't allow ads, it's called Youtube Vanced and MicroG. I haven't seen an ad on my devices for years

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I think the future of CPU is ARM architecture when it comes energy efficiency.

I love RasPi, especially the cheapest PiZeroW.
It has a dimension of a chewing gum and is very efficient. I use a troop of them to build a whole house speaker system without resorting to spyware laden smart speakers.

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Ok I gotta sleep, even though when I go to my bed I will be watching my phone.

Ah, you are just like me :wink:
Luckily I do not have any mum who complains I play with my tablet in bed.

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I liked the green monster too in your video, super cute! And I loved the look on the pythons face. It's the look of, I'm watching you, you little green blob.

And the python could also say. I got a bag of shh with your name on it. www. Shhh . Com.... Come over later we're have a bunch of shishcabob it already. Oh I could go on and on but I won't.

Cause you know what? I gotta get some sleep too. So I'll go to bed and shhhh. Just be grateful I'm not pulling a lot more shinanagans.

I remember a teacher once said, are you ever going to stop pulling these shinanagans? I said, naaa, I think I'm going to shinan......again

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My man, I have no idea what your trying to say here

I think you need a vocabulary from 1970's :wink:
In the same way, we do not comprehend some of your vocabularies.

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What are all the shhh

@Kedric he said "Bruh" :rofl:

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I should just open a thread called 'What is @StarTreker trying to say?'

Watch the video French Press posted. Shhhh is the theme of the video. Goodnight :milky_way:


Thats what I thought! Cause even in school offices, they are supplied with AIO's. Its because they don't take up a lot of space on a desk, and leave a cleaner look. Believe it or not, if you had a full desktop with wires hanging off the back of it, customers are less inclined to think your a professional lol.

Studies have shown, that the look of your building, as well as the inside of it, can greatly determine, weather or not certain customers buy from you or not, or accept your services or not. If you can't be bothered to keep your workspace organized and clean, customers have less confidence in you.

I know the last time I was at a pawn shop, which was a heck of a long time ago now, but he had a completely disorganized desk. He had papers everywhere, stacked books everywhere, a full desktop computer, with wires going everywhere with no organization.

Then I took one look at him, and he also looked like he hadn't washed his close since 1975, it even looked like the moths got to it, and he smelled like he got the cherry BO from the last taxi cab he took. Suffice to say, when he asked me if I found anything that I was looking for, I said, nope, and left promptly lol.

So ya, computers have to be functional for the user yes, but keep that workspace tidy and clean people, the image you portray, is every bit as important as the features you have in the computer.