Quiet computing

One of the forum member questioned about Linux compatibility for this Logitech mouse. While searching for the information I hit this site:

In other threads, we have been discussing how noisy computer was back in early days. When I built my last desktop, I went for a water cooling to reduce the noise. But the most quiet computer is a fan-less type. I especially liked the design of this chassis in their catalogue.


So you have a source of hot water at your desk and can just add coffee :rofl:



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That is what we need to get straight from the horse's (Kedric's) mouse :wink:

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WOW, you just get cooler by the minute don't you French Press? :sunglasses:

Here I was thinking you just used computers, little did I know that you built them as well! I love your fancy case you got for your build, I could light that puppy up with RGB, for the ultimate in bling.

People would come over, see all the light bursting through all the intake slots, and say..... "Is that a holy relic from Asgard?" :stuck_out_tongue:

It is true, a fanless CPU cooler will make the computer quieter, especially if there are no case fans. But any proper AIO is still going to use fans on the radiator.

Liquid coolers for computers, are a lot like a cars heat exchange system. Coolent from radiator flows through passages in the block, then get returned to the radiator. Once a certain temperature threshold is met, the radiator fan kicks in to push the heat away.

Truth is, the quietest computer I ever heard in my life, would be my cell phone, and my tablet. Those don't have fans or liquid coolers. How they don't completely melt down is beyond me, maybe they are cooling through a thermal pad attached to a metal plate, acting as a heat sink for all I know in heat dissipation.

I can understand people wanting their computers to be quiet. But at the end of the day, as long as your not operating in a lab where sound wave measurements are required on DB-meters, there is no need to have a completely silent computer.

Besides, there are these wonderful inventions called headphones. And any good closed back headphone with leather pads making a good seal, is gonna cover up any computer noise. And I'll tell you something else...

As long as I don't activate TURBO mode in my MSI internal cooling fan system, my air filtration machine, which uses a blower fan, makes much more noise then my computer does lol.

I still like that case French Press, it makes me want to light it up with RGB. Behold, for I hold the sacred relic, forged in the depth of the volcano's of Asgard, with the same materials in Thors hammer. HEHE :grin:

This is from the trusted Thermaltake:

The space in chassis would be a bit problematic if one wants to stick to the standard size :sweat_smile:

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FrenchPress, you should know by now, its not the size that counts, its how you use it. :wink:

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Me have confusion?

uh.. I think we deviated a bit too far from the subject of the discussion. I suppose the computer noise is not such a big issue for the people who play the game with full blast of speaker. I am thinking more for the business applications where quietness is crucial.