Qwant search engine

Hello. Anyone heard about that search engine?
I know duckyduck and also hearing firefox private information are on github or somewhere leaks.

My husband used to use Quant but now he switched to Duck completely since Quant changed their business model.

I installed today for testing mxlinux. Brave have this engine for choose. I heard on Linux when you creating a swap partition your swap partition must be bigger from ram what you have on PC.

It depends.

I have 64GB of RAM.
If I double this amount I have to give 50% of my 240GB SSD.
That would not happen.

This is what made my husband to move away from Qwant:

Ok @FrenchPress and what should I used webbrowser if not "G"

I use DuckDuckgo.

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Yes engine search i changed for duckyduck in Brave. It is good choice a Brave webbrowser or any another suggestion?

I use FireFox.
My husband is using Vivaldi.


I heard Firefox leaks some private information.
Vivaldi i heard about that but not to much. I try it. I reading smoothly working on laptops. On reddit talking very good recommendations.

I use Vivaldi in my VM Windows as I do not want to have a same identity between Linux and Windows.

Vivaldi is super customizable and it even comes with its own mail manager.

Vivaldi is also a major resource hog, getting so out of hand, it will crash a computer.

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I installed Vivaldi simple and have a many usefull functions is very nice and good. Zorin I will praying every day to catch XFCE.

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Was it?
My husband never had an issue using it on MXLinux as well as on his Android phone.



The best check on PC what experience we get on PC. MxLinux xfce this operating system eating nothing.

No kidding :stuck_out_tongue:
It is currently running happily on my RaspberryPi 4 and the cooling fan hardly never kicks in.

i have rapberry pi 2B but idk if this run that. You told me you want create a streaming some music example spotify or something wifi.

You need minimum Pi3 for MXLinux.
But old Pis are good enough for non-smart speaker, Pihole and printserver.

I have some family duties and will be busy till the middle of December. But I will certainly write the Tutorial thereafter for
How to Cook RaspberryPi :pie:

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