RAM Usage (off USB Live Session is high)

Greetings Again,

I was on the brink of installing Zorin on my 6GB Micro PC rig… when… I noticed that with next to nothing open over 3GBs of RAM were in use. Like so –

I have Zorin Core running of a USB. Is that normal RAM usage? (When Ubuntu Mate is idle with nothing open it’s just under a GB of RAM.)

When you have nothing open in Zorin Core – how much RAM does it use I guess is my question.

res for me with only screenshot open.

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I believe when you are running from a ‘live’ disk or usb source most of the operating system is loaded into ram.
This is not typical of Zorin O.S. after it is installed.


That’s great news.

Thank you both.

That was it. With all sorts of tabs open –