Random freeze and reboot

Hi guys. Sometimes my Zorin OS Core just freeze and then after a while automatically reboot. So I want to know if there is a command to see the last reboot logs so I can figure out why is rebooting sometimes because it happens really randomly.
Hope someone can help me :slight_smile:

In /var/logs

as well as Xsession errors in your Home Directory (reveal with ctrl+h if needed).

What graphics card are you using?

Other things to consider are issues with CPU Cooler, Failing PSU (Power Supply), BIOS update needed. I had similar issues in different OS and whilst working from home since lockdown until retirement I had forgotten to check for BIOS updates.
When I viewed the logs there was some reference to hardware (motherboard) so I checked my motherboard manufacturer's website for BIOS updates, avoiding the one that allows me to install Windows 11!

Is it overheating, check for bios update Are you using Nvidia GPU?

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No, I'm an Intel dedicated user :laughing:

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