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Hey there peeps! New guy here running away from the apple empire. I got ZorinOS and I am supper exited about it. However… how can I mount it into an SD card to run it on my raspberry. Tried many ways but I cant seem to figure it out! Thnx!


Unfortunately, that is currently not possible, because Zorin doesn't provide ARM based builds yet, which are necessary to work on the Raspberry Pi.

Maybe you can go and try the distro Manjaro which comes with an ARM build and even different desktop environments to choose from.

It would be great to see Zorin running on a RasPi one day, though :slight_smile:

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Maybe you shoult try pop os in the future: It Seems Pop OS Linux Will Soon be Available on Raspberry Pi and Other ARM Devices - It's FOSS News


I found a hard disk 32Gb SSD for testing Pop. It is ok?

Other option, not really Zorin but it worked for me, is to install Raspian OS Lite, install xfce on top, xfce Zorin lite theme and Zorin lite menu on top. Pretty decent, Zorin inspired raspberry desktop based on debian, not so different from Ubuntu :slight_smile: . Please check this thread https://forum.zorin.com/t/new-zorin-os-challenges/5236 some more info on this matter.


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Marked solution. 133