Raw photo thumbnails

Is there a way to get RAW photo's to show up as a thumbnail and to be displayed with the space preview?

Hello, Hanne

I've never worked with raw photo files, but can you tell me how to recognize these? Do these files have a separate extension?

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Yes, they have their own extensions.
My raw pictures have .ORF (stands for Olympus RAW Format I think).
Most manufacturers have their own format.

Most online tutorials I find tell me to sudo apt-get install gnome-raw-thumbnailer but then I get sudo apt-get install gnome-raw-thumbnailer.


Must say I haven't tried the command yet. But this is because I use Dolphin file manager in which I can choose which folder or file-extensions to preview. There is a side bar where the file is shown incl. the metadata.

I remember seeing raw files been larger (I mean in bytes) then normal and perhaps you already have checked, but the file manager which comes standard with Zorin also provides some settings for the preferences. The preference is set to files only smaller than 10mb. Have you checked there. Under the tab Search&Preview - Thumbnails.

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You can use that command to install that application, or you can drop the -get and just use apt install. Apt is the newer version of apt-get, with more features, ease of use and convenience. Whenever you see apt-get, you can and should substitute.

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Cool, I didn't know apt was the newer version of apt-get!

But I tried both en they both don't work.

I've set it to 4096 MB and it still doesn't work.

That is a biiiiiiig file, I guess you work a lot with images.

But however, searched the net and found this. Don't know if you have dconf installed but there is a guide included.

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The guide only tells how to raise the mb of the images to generate a preview of.

You can try post 11 from here:


And this has a readme that explains a little as well:

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Then I get this error: E: Unable to locate package gnome-raw-thumbnailer

It may be in the universe or multiverse repos. I have not seen anything indicating it though. I'll see if i can find that command to enable those repos.

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Many on the local Linux User Group where I live recommend Raw Therapee (It's cross-platform) and one I use myself, Darktable.


I use Darktable myself, but would love to have thumbnails of RAW pictures to clean up my folders.

See if this post helps:


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Then I get this error:

E: Package 'ufraw-batch' has no installation candidate

Looking this up, most of these packages seem to have been dropped from maintenance.
The only ones I could find that still is available in Focal is gThumb or Geeqie


Apparently 'dcraw' is the replacement as ufraw-batch is no longer maintained.

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I got it working using this tutorial

I think I found it trough @swarfendor437's post.

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