RDP (similar to Windows 10 or 11)

HI Everyone, unfortunately, i got a reply to this topic, and it was closed as for some reason, i never got notified, probably my fault.
Does Zorin support a simple install of RDP, where i could access these pc's remotely through a vpn or port forwarding. I am not trying to compare this to windows, but this is a great feature, and vnc does not really compare to its simplicity. If this is not doable, then so be it but i was wondering if there was a straight forward way of installing/enabling it on Zorin. I would say sayonara to Windows pcs forever but this is really holding me back. If a pro license is required, i am good with that. I just spent way too much time about a year ago, and could not make it happen. Please let me know if it is possible.

I don't use it. But in app Settings under the Share item there is the option to activate.