Re-installing Zorin and changing the partition size


I'm writing to you because I couldn't find a solution to my problem. To provide some context, I'm currently an engineering student in France. For as long as I needed, I used WSL to fulfill my Linux needs. However, I recently encountered a project that didn't work with WSL and required me to install a Linux-based OS to work on it. A friend recommended Zorin OS, which I installed.

During the installation, everything went smoothly. When it asked me how much space to allocate to Zorin, I initially allocated only 25 GB, thinking it would be enough for the project we were working on. It turned out that this space was insufficient, and the project installation failed due to lack of space. Now, I'm stuck with a Linux OS that is too small for my needs.

I tried reinstalling Zorin following the instructions here: Replace Your Zorin OS Installation - Zorin Help. However, during the reinstallation, it didn't prompt me to choose the size, and it automatically allocated the old size I selected in my initial install (the 25 GB, which is too small).

I also attempted to delete the partition through the Windows Disk Manager, but it only created issues. When I reinstalled Zorin, it once again automatically set the size.

For what it's worth, I don't care about re-installing, deleting or I don't know what the Zorin partition because I don't have anything important on it as of right now.

If you have any ideas or if you need additional information that I haven't provided here, please feel free to ask. I urgently need to find a solution because I can't work on my project otherwise.

Thank you for reading, and thanks in advance!

Are you intending to dual-boot ZorinOS Core alongside Windows?

If you install ZorinOS using the "Something Else" method, that should allow you to set partition sizes manually. I will try and search for a tutorial for you.

EDIT: Here is one of my old posts where I refer to an even older Tutorial for the "Something Else" installation method. It has always worked for me.

Yes I'm intending to have a dual-boot because I am still not "ready" to make the switch to only Linux just yet.

I'm gonna try that and get back to you, do you think I can just re-do an installation over my current one or should I try and "delete" (if that's even possible) the current one before trying to install using the "Something else" method ?

Been a while, not sure how far you went or how well it turned out..

Using the Windows Disk Manager, you can shrink however much space you want to use for Zorin before booting the installer. I normally do 50/50 right down the middle - others prefer differently. Just shrink a size to your liking and leave it un-formatted. Hopefully fast startup and secure boot were disabled - then boot from the USB, run the installer, follow the instructions, and select 'Install Alongside Windows' and the installer will do its magic.

If you have a newer setup with Nvidia graphics, make sure to select the startup option with 'Modern Nvidia Drivers' - it will make a difference!

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