Really liking Zorin OS

Just wanted to say that I really like Zorin OS. It had made my PC much faster (and quieter) than when I had Windows 10 on it. Zorin OS is easy to use and fun as well!


Good for you for switching from Windows :slight_smile:

And enjoy Zorin :slight_smile:

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Thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:

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I've been on Zorin for a week now and i'm loving it, i did get some small issues of course but nothing without a solution, since the OS is based on ubuntu it's fairly easy to find info!

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Out of all the LINUX Distro's I think Zorin sets up the best with a few gnome extensions.

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Zorin have a big potencial. This is good start when people start changing operating system. For me Zorin it was the start to the journey more understable linux. Linux have one good things, on webside you can found many tutorials,guide and many forum any distributions. You can choose what you liked. You can creating from existing a kernel from any distribution your own linux with your preferences. Windows on vm in linux working faster. Linux this is just a journey if someone liking discovering new things and liked experiments. Linux is free open world.


Agreed! I love it. Works fast, it was easy to get things looking how I wanted them with the Zorin Appearance app. I'm really happy with this OS. I even found out how to have a cat in my menu bar that runs along with my CPU usage - that's how you know you've got good devs behind a system. :slight_smile:
Screenshot from 2023-02-25 16-41-02

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