Realtek ALC256 only sound on right channel

First of all: Zorin 16.1 is really awesome! I dig working with it!
I've been installing the latest version (16.1) and it works like a charm - well not completely:
The only thing that makes me mad is the fact that the soundcard from Realtek does not run properly. It's an ALC256 onboard and it provides full stereo sound by the headphones but the internal loudspeaker of my all-in-one PC is just using the right channel.
The speaker in itself works properly under Windows 10, but fails when I am using Zorin 16.1.
I already took a chance on the link upon the Zorin-webpage concerning audio problems and tried every advice but - too bad! - none of them worked!
So here is my question: does anybody have the same problem or even solved it?
It's the Zorin 16.1 core edition with Gnome, a HP AIO AMD A6-7310 and the ALC256 Realtek onboard sounddevice.

Hi and welcome to the forum.
Which edition of ZorinOS 16 do you have e.g. Core, Lite etc?
Please also edit your forum profile to indicate that there, as it will avoid us asking the same question again and again in furture.

Have you checked Zorin/Settings/Sound that balance is centre for speakers, also if you have Core, what happens if you do a Speaker Test. You shoudl get an audio announcement when you click left and right speakers in turn.

Next step would be open terminal (ctrl+alt+T) then type alsamixer

Hit [F6] to choose your onboard soundcard.
Hit [F5] to show all sound channels.
use left and right arrows to pan to any channel marked "MM" (i.e. muted), unmute by typing M
You can increase sound output using up arrow key.
You can also change Auto-Mute setting if it is enabled.

You may have to play around a bit to get an improvement.
If not, post a alsamixer screenshot here.

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Thanks for that explanation on how to set up your sound card via the terminal .... I had misplaced the info the last time you helped me so I copied and pasted it again .... :+1:

Hello, again. Since I had to work for a long time, I could not reply until today.
Unluckily the alsamixer does not change anything at all.
But when I plug in a mobile loudspeaker into the headphones connector there is stereo sound.
But the internal loudspeakers only work on the right channel.
When using Windows 10 the soundcard provides sound on both channels, so a hardware failure is clearly not present.
The search continues ... but thanks a lot for giving me some advice!

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