Realtek HD audio

Im just curious about realtek HD audio. I know linux came with an audi driver but compared to windows it seems so bad sounding. Any idea how i can improve the sound quality?

Does the sound comes out your subwoofer ? then in sounds bad yes cause i had the same with my laptop.

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Have you looked at Zorin>Settings>Sound and checked the settings and Speaker Test there. You should hear "Front Left", "Front Right" clear for stereo setup when you click on the appropriate speaker.

Also. Open terminal (Ctrl+Alt+T) and then type alsamixer

Check out the Default Sound Card is correct. [F6] to select.
Check output sound channels are not Muted [MM] and set volume sliders to max to check sound is output.

If you post a alsamixer screenshot here, it will give us something to look at, to help you find a solution.


It is just a simple laptop does have subwoofer. Just 2 speaker in it.
The sound itself working fine just compared to windows its feel like the drivers does work and its like a cheap soundbar from aliexpress.
There is a pic from alsamixer.

I played with alsamixer seems they does choose the realtek HD audio by default.

Okay i solved.
I made a config file
/etc/asound.conf and just paste
defaults.pcm.card 1
defaults.ctl.card 1

If someone do the same firstly check sound cards. (nano /proc/asound/cards)

Seems better now.


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