Recent updates hanging systems

I have several VM's that run the lite and core. They all seem to have issues hanging on boot up with the Zorin logo. Also different systems local hardware on a NUC that the boots and anydesk just seems to go to a black screen. Just throwing that out there there is no way I can revert. Just making this post to see if anyone else is having any similar issues.


Are you using Virtual Box? I find virt-manager much better. No such issues running Zorin Core in virt-manager.
What do you use anydesk for? I read it is expensive to use to login to remote server. I preferred Remmina which is free. I could login directly to secure server connection with only one login needed. In VM of Windows 8 Pro I had to login three times in Edge!
In terms of updates are they pointing to 'Main Server'?

I use Any desk.. It works like a champ! Also my issue was fixed after updating anydesk.


Since last updates - from monday - I have noticed that Zorin started lagging and hanging during usage. I am using local server for front end development, chrome and visual studio code. I was trying to, about one week ago, if Zorin can handle much more RAM usage than I was using since last 2-3 days and it was able to run 2 servers, 2 chrome windows with plenty of tabs, and 3 visual studio code instances. Today I was not able to work on part of that.

Anyone noticed something similar ?

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I have not, but tagging this to @AZorin and @zorink in case they find this report useful for reviewing the recent update packages that went through.

In the meantime, the first step I would suggest you try is

sudo apt install --reinstall zorin-os-desktop


sudo apt install --reinstall zorin-os-lite-desktop

Reboot and test for lag.

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Unfortunately its related to RAM usage. When it reaches max hardware RAM its starting to lag and then freezes. Maybe its related to tlp? I have installed it, but removed right after.

Have you tested your RAM?
Have you ever made any changes to Swap?

TLP should be safe.

Im runnning RAM test now.
Yes, I've changed from 1GB to 4GB of swap (probably file :sweat_smile:)

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