Recommend A Good ISP Speed Testing Apt

I've been using SpeedTest for more years than I care to count I used a different one before but ST took them over .... now I get this notice on opening the apt ...... sounds like a bunch of BS to me and it could be just about any company that they so desire ...... or who pays the most money .....

Not I'm not so naive as to think other companies do do this cause I know they do BUT when a company puts out a warning this big there has to be something they are hiding cause everyone else just puts it in very small hard to read letters at the very bottom of their last page .....

Thanks for any suggestions ..... what do you use ????? ....

An alternate perspective on this would be that companies that put it in tiny fine print are hiding something whereas putting it big and noticeable seems more open and transparent.

Here is the full Privacy POlicy statement from Ookla:


I don't think that it matter if it is shown bigger or smaller. They will have Your Data. That they make it bigger could be a Law Thing from the Country where the Company sits. And the Text only tells You some common Things and that tehy collect/share Data. For the Details you must click on The Link.

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Thought I would see if there is anything open source:

LibreSpeed. Here is their privacy policy:

And receives support from a cloud-hosting company called Clouvider

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That looks interesting ..... think I'll check it out .....

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