Recommend me some themes and I can rate them out of ten

Just did a fresh install of Zorin OS 17, and I wondered if you can give me some themes to try. I don't care about the scores. It's all in good fun.

Catppuccin, of course. I'm currently using the Frappe variant.


I like the Graphite GTK Theme. There You have a normal Version and a Nord Version. It is a subtile Look.

Another Theme what I like is the Orchis GTK Theme.

Other nice Themes are the Delight Themes form @Storm.

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You should catppuccinify that wallpaper :eyes:

or use Faerber if you don't wanna download something for that

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Thanks a lot! I'm going to play with this for a while, there are many options to tweak until I find the right tone for this. Cheers!

So after a while I gave up as I couldn't find a good balance, but because the screenshot is actually so simple I just edited with Gimp and it's so much better this way, love it :smiley: The tool is great so I'll try it with other wallpapers now that I have it, thanks again!

Link to my desktop with updated screenshot

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