Recommendations for Windows PCs compatible with Zorin OS install

I have read the opposite...

Zorin and Zenbook

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That's... interesting.

Sometimes it is hit or miss on laptops. Issues could be related to BIOS version, GPU, kernal, etc. Who knows?

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I have an Asus TufGaming A17 [Ryzen7 4800H; 32gb ram, 2tb Samsung 970 NVMe drives, gforce gtx 1660, realtek 8822 802.11ac]... All works without issue. Dual booting for gaming, but Zorin OS my software developing haven (daily).

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This is a great guide….thanks

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I'm normally a "latest & greatest" guy, at least when it comes to Apple hardware. Yesterday I tried to boot zorinOS on a 10 (!!) years old Apple Macbook Air, and....:

... it runs smooth and without very less hassle. I have to say I'm impressed, it's a modell even Apple is not providing the newest macOS any longer.

I write this here on a 5 yo Asus Pro (and start of it's production it was the slimmest and lightweighed notebook of it's time with an screen ratio even modern hardware can hardly get to.

So, in conclusion, and not only responding to the TOs question: in this special enviroment of mostly FOSS, the latest and greatest hardware "might" cause more headaches than a saturated and older hardware, where every problem has been solved from someone around the world before.


Well….folks….I took a chance and went the way of an Asus Vivobook.

In a few weeks I will have an opportunity to test install 16.2 Pro.

Keep you guys in the loop!