Currently I am using zoron os 16 core it take boot time across 1 min 25 sec and it opens the apps slowly I have 1 TB HDD and 4gb ram it is 5 years old laptop should I change to zorin os lite or can I continue with zorin core I am very much confused could you pls help me ??

These are my system requirements

You might try the suggestions made here:

I am using sanp packages So I can't delete it and i have turned off the network manger so if I open a app example pycharm app it takes 35 seconds to open the app and chrome takes atleast 10 sec to open up expect this everything works fine my question can I use zorin os 16 core or lite to open apps faster
If I use zorin os 16 lite will l slove my problem......

When comes to booting time see the pic

I do not know for sure. I have a reasonable Boot Time with a good spec computer and I always use Zorin OS Lite.
I would hesitate to recommend that only to have it make little difference.

The only way to be sure is to test it.

Thank you sir can I reduce playmouth quite service boot time sir if I can can you pls tell me

NOOO, you cannot.
In that post I linked- I cover the Only Safe Things.
Plymouth is an Essential Integrated package and disabling it will break Zorin OS.

I see you only have 32 Gb disk - is this one of those eMMC notebooks? That's your problem!

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So I have one thing in my mind I am using GNOME desktop can I change it to XFCE IN ZORIN OS CORE IF CAN I CHANGE HOW CAN I CHANGE

You can

sudo apt install zorin-os-lite-desktop


sudo apt install xfce

Follow the LightDM prompts.
Then you will be able to log in on either desktop.

Doing this this particular way may still not change BOOT Time, though...

But can I launch my apps faster with XFCE desktop

Probably, yes.

Whic one should I select gdm3 or lightdm
Pls help me i have installed XFCE DESKTOP

lightdm for xfce

Thank you sir installing it will it remove GNOME DESKTOP


When you remove gdm3 it shouldn't remove Gnome - but it will alter your boot screen - instead of the Zorin logo appearing you will get something akin to Ubuntu 20.04 with dots lighting up (five - left to right) - will either show zorinos 16.3 or ubuntu 20.04 above the dots that light up during boot screen!

If you want to revert to the core Gnome desktop:

sudo apt install zorin-os-desktop

Update your kernel to version 5.18.

It is recommended to stick with the vetted and released kernel with Zorin OS unless certain newer hardware requires using a later kernel. And even then, it can come with other instabilities.

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