Recommended apps


Which apps are you using on Zorin ( which are not already installed ) ?
Must have apps for every day use.
I am looking for some for multitasking, system info, battery info, videos, netflix, etc.
Any app for keeping kernel up to date ?

bpytop for system info.
In Settings you can see battery power, but you can download an gnome extension to have it in the panel.

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Some apps that I recommend (and I use on my own PC) in no particular order:

  • Flameshot
  • Stacer
  • QuickHash
  • MEGA
  • Timeshift
  • Synaptic Package Manager
  • Atom
  • Xtreme Download Manager
  • Keeweb (the app)
    Probably missed a whole bunch, but I thoroughly recommend all the above apps. I spent a lot of time researching their alternatives and I can say that these apps were the best among their respective peers.
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Thanks for bpytop, cool app

combine it with tilda terminal and you get this:


Thanks, some nice apps, you gave me a idea :slight_smile:
Timeshift ( for btrfs or ?)

Any app for downloading all drivers for my laptop ? ( something similar was there on Windows 10) ,hehe

Personally I use RSYNC. But both are really good options :DD

Someone should probably also chime in, but Synaptic is really good and allows to search for many drivers. Even closed source ones.

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Software & Updates will do that- though it already comes installed.

Something useful that does not come pre-installed is Conky. Having a HUD displaying real-time system information is very useful - it's to the point, I cannot live without it.

sudo apt install conky-all

A useful CLI application for converting .rpm files into .deb files: Alien

sudo apt install alien

Something you often see raised in help threads for adjusting settings: dconf-editor:

sudo apt install dconf-editor

Some desktop environments with multi-monitor setup do not allow for having a different wallpaper on each monitor. For that, there is "Nitrogen."


RSYNC is good yes, because I dont know how to setup and maintain BTRFS.
But I read a lot that btrfs is really good

Maybe "topgrade" is interesting for someone
I use it under Zorin 15.3 for more than 1 1/2 years and it's updating all-in-one

see: Topgrade - Command Line Tool to Upgrade All Packages on Linux (

and: Releases · r-darwish/topgrade · GitHub

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For what it is worth, @swarfendor437 suggested some recommended apps in his Unofficial Manual. See here if interested: Unofficial Manual for Zorin 15