Recommended image viewer replacements ...?

Hi, everyone. Does anyone have any recommendations for replacement programs that can take the place of the default image viewer in Zorin OS? I don't like how I can't resize the window and have it stay the same size every time I open it.

It's annoying, to be honest. Is there something else that functions more like the image viewer on Linux Mint ("Pix" is what I think it's called)? That one remembers window size, and has an excellent overall browsing capability for images.

Thanks to whoever responds.


I found gThumb Image Viewer. Seems to be the closest thing I can find to Pix.

Checks off all the things I like to see in an image viewer, so OK. Problem solved.

But if anyone else has any recommendations still, feel free. I'm open. Thanks.


Pix Github: GitHub - linuxmint/pix: Image management application

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Thunderation! No wonder. I love gThumb. Thanks.

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Another option to comes to mind is Ristretto, used in the XFCE desktop environment. I don't know if it will be able to do what you need but it's available in the software repositories so you can give it a quick try.

I took a quick look at the Software Center just now. I think gThumb will work.

Thank you, though! I appreciate the kindness this forum has to offer each other.

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I've tried Ristretto elsewhere and there is just sonething about it I can't get on with it.

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I don't usually pay too much attention to this type of things to be honest, but I wouldn't be surprised that being for XFCE is lacking on some features in favor of simplicity and performance.

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Strangely, it is usually the other way around...

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True that... I haven't had any complaints with XFCE as far as functionality goes, it seems to have everything.

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