Recommended pair of apps to include with Zorin OS

I would like to see the Zorin Group re-evaluate the list of apps they include with Zorin OS currently. For instance, Startup Disk Creator would be a very nice addition to Zorin OS. That said, I humbly suggest to the Zorin Group they replace Document Viewer with Okular and Image Viewer with gThumb Image Viewer. Both apps are superior to the default apps currently included in Zorin OS (in version 17, at least).

Thanks; hope the Zorin Group will follow through.


A nice Program to have preinstalled would be for me Gnome Tweaks. Another One woul be the Extension Manager because You can not simply manage Extensions, You can simply browse and install new Extensions without a Browser. All in one Programm.


@Omnimaxus do you use Okular in Zorin17 and have dark mode active? Would appreciate some feedback if the color profile is inverted correctly so it's easy to read or messed up. And if you had problems first and got it fixed i would appreciate a fix - mine still unresolved.

Otherwise i shared your points and especially @Ponce-De-Leon request with the extension manager would be a bliss.


Hi, Radosk. I use Okular in Zorin OS 17 Pro, yes. I do not have dark mode active. I use light mode only. No problems. I just tried Okular in dark mode (using the system-wide theme option for dark mode). Only the top bar was dark. Not the remainder of the program itself (if that makes sense). This help? @Radosk

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