Recommended storage for system partition?

I've been using zorin on my laptop for around 3 months and loved it so far.

Some months ago I've gotten a pre-built pc that is way more powerful than my laptop, so I was thinking of installing it there too. Though, I'd still need to keep Windows, as I think it would sound weird to my parents to hear that my new pc can't run some programs like microsoft office, so I'm thinking of doing a dualboot setup

The thing is, as the title says, storage. On my laptop, I've given 500 GB of storage to the zorin partition, system and home together, and, even though I have no big amount of personal files, right now I currently have 100 GB of free storage, maybe because I downloaded some of the apps I have as flatpak and snap without being aware of the huge amount of storage they take.

The point of saying this is: How much is the minimum recommended storage for the system partition if I separate it from the home partition? The pc has a 512 gb ssd (256 gb if i go for the dualboot) and a 2 tb hdd (which would be 1 tb for windows' home folder as it currently is, and the other 1 tb for zorin's home folder). 256 gb for the system partition, is that good enough?

The recommended system requirements are listed here. Spoiler alert: 256GB for system files is way more than you need :slight_smile:


That's more than enough. I don't have more than 30 GB to root the rest goes to /home. It all depends ofcause if you download every app you can get your hands on :smiley:


Try running lsblk -l it may list also unformatted filesystems. Or fdisk -l as well.

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