Recommended themes?

Do you know themes that makes me feel like Win10? I’m using Zorin 15.3 Lite (I can also accept other themes)

You can add Cinnamon DE to Lite (as Aravisian has done) - log into Cinnamon DE by clicking on the gear cog at login to change from xfce/Lite (not running so can’t tell!) and select Cinnamon - then go to Themes - update themes and then choose a Win10 theme. Job done. :wink:

Or dual boot Zorin with Linuxfx-10.6-wxd base on Linux Mint 20!

I’ve tried different DEs in the past with other distros, but I did not like the fact that installing the DE also installed other applications (e.g., the DE’s file manager).

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linuxfx is a completely separate OS but I understand what you mean about DE’s. Take a look here:

and here:


and lastly here:

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