Recommended version of wine on zorin os 16

What the the recommended and stable version of wine which runs smoothly on zorin os with thier functionality?
I already installed wine 7.0 but window software didnt installed on zorin os or i guess wine 6.0 version is stable !!!

The version available through the default repositories is version 5.x, but you can install later versions if you have any issues or need the additional features provided.

I don't understand if you are having some issues installing, running or something else?


I recently trying to install malwarebyte of windows version but in response its says Ca you help me to solve if that possible
Screenshot from 2022-07-09 15-04-43

Also I am interested to use new updated software. Onlyl this time i see this warning for installing . Just to be confirm can i reinstall the wine version 7 and installing from software store only

Best way to install Wine on ZorinOS is to install Zorin "Windows App Support". You should be able to search and find it in the Software Store.

Malwarebytes :frowning_face: : If you were thinking to use that on Zorin as anti-virus, then you will need to reconsider your options.
ClamAV+ClamTK is probably all that is readiliy available in ZorinOS as antivirus. I just use it to occassionally scan for malware and also run Rkhunter occassionally.


I am Sorry :expressionless: for that, to choosing Malwarebyte as my though to install it. Really Thanks for your advice, which i recently searched for .

The Best Way is to install The Zorin Windows App Support Package
either Windows App Support in Software
or in terminal
sudo apt zorin-windows-app-support

You should also run chkrootkit in addition to rkhunter from what I read recently. As for Windows Applications, bear in mind that WINE only supports 32-bit applications - no 64-bit applications will run under WINE period.

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Malwarebytes is great on Windows. But unnecessary and unhelpful on Linux, even on Wine.
Malwarebytes is For Windows OS.

As @swarfendor437 pointed out, there are Linux Options for anti-virus, if you feel the need for extra security.


:+1: :+1: :+1:got it

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