Recovery mode not working

Today I started recovery mode and choose a option check all file system fsck and this is not working in recovery mode. So I wondering how much Zorin after many updates is broken or how many things stop working? Why I put this questions - because linux always changing every day and something what working before could not working next day. I can sayed I only using operating system out from the box and I am not installed any trash app. Snap and flatpak uninstalled.
Anyone have some troubles after future updates Zorin?

I have had zero troubles since I installed Zorin 16 on this machine.

You might check the integrity of your drive with the S.M.A.R.T. tools and see if you have bad blocks or bad sectors.

SSD hard disk crucial. They have bad sectors?

Sadly they only provide firmware updates to Windows users, same for their tools. Just recently installed same brand in old Dell Latitude E6500 that I passed on to my eldest. Sadly Zorin ran badly on it (had to use Balena Etcher as the iso was over 5 Gb the Education version. Devuan would not install at all and had to settle for Linuxfx 10. You don't have to boot into recovery mode to run fsck. You can run it via the Terminal.

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