Refresh rate changes by itself

It's a bit since I saw Refresh rate always changing by itself, I set 60,10 Hz but those times that I check I find it to 60,02 Hz (at least happens rarely). And then where's the difference just for 0,08 Hz?

Dunno, it seems harmless enough. Have there been recent kernel/driver update ( I can't say as I'm using Fedora)?


I think it has to do with kernel 5.15.0-52 I noticed after that update my monitor has a 59.98, 59.88 and 60.0 options, I have it set to 120 and it doesn't change but ~ if there was a delay in monitor detection it may default to one or the other when the desktop starts.

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@Storm , those times that I saw it to 60,02 I wasn't updating any kernel or driver. But I just updated some kernels to 5.15.0 some minutes ago, perhaps there weren't any new screen resolutions or refresh rates choices, not a problem though. If I remember well, these changes occurred after playing some games (and probably only some specific ones) so maybe the game changed it, if this is possible of course :thinking:. I read an user's post saying that to him the change happened closing the laptop lid, I tried and it didn't changed, at least this :+1:.

@seanhinkley , yes, I think that this would explain the change without my intervention. I'll close it here, thank you both :smiley:

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