Refund for Zorin Ultimate

Hello there. I bought Zorin Ultimate but turns out that, first, my laptop is not very adequate, and I'm not looking for a better laptop right now, and the pricing is too high for me, because of the conversion from USD to BRL. I'll probably use it in the future, but I can't keep it now. Therefore, I need to ask for a refund. How do I do that? @AZorin @zorink

Why not send a email to zorin or Reply to invoice email, maybe Faster Reply.

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I agree with your thinking. With Zorin OS 16 due for release any day now, when you get to the point of using Zorin OS Ultimate, a newer version will be available.

I already sent several emails, but no response so far.

The Zorin Group consists of two people, which you tagged with @ in your O.P.
As they are handling all these affairs, along with actively developing Zorin 16 in all its incarnations for release; they must go down the line of emails and messages - it can take a little time.
Waiting to initiate a refund is stressful. It gives you fear that the money may be lost or something.