Refund zorin os pro

Hello i have sent many emaills to support but no replay back, i won't be using zorin os pro anymore, after a few days of used, i switched back to windows, please refund, my email is [Redacted]

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I needed to remove the personal information from your post for privacy and safety.

I assure you, the ZorinGroup has the email on file from your choosing of Zorin OS Pro.

Zorin OS 16 has been quite a Big Hit since its release and ZorinGroup consists of two developers answering all requests. It can take some time to work down the line to reach you.

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@AZorin should be able to help with the refund.

What issues were you having with Zorin?

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My Spidy senses are tingling, something here is a foot. :wink:


Also, why did you pay for Zorin when the free version would have been good enough to try out?

What's put you off so bad that going back to Windows is the only solution?

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EXACTLY! Something about this dog just don't hunt, as the expression is.


I hope jgalvezpa isn't making illegal copies to profit from someone else's work... that would be wrong and not something people of this forum would do.

I'm sure if there is a difficulty you're having with zorin we can work through it.

You tread thin ice sir.

I'm curious what @AZorin and @zorink would have to say regarding that refund.

I know when i tried elementary os, i paid for it but didn't stay 2 weeks before i found zorin. I ate that cost and shelled out for 15 ultimate right behind just buying an os. I knew i wouldn't get a refund and it would be shady to ask for one.


Hi @jgalvezpa
We have searched through our inboxes but couldn't find any messages from you. We have just now sent you an email about this.

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